K0MPH - Roger Roth
My first call in 1957 (from Minot North Dakota) was KN0MPH. I loved visiting far-away places from my own bedroom and building Heath Kit radios.  I wanted to be able to say; “Rig here is Homebrew” so I enrolled in electrical engineering school. I have had a rewarding career developing electronic and software products (Apollo spacecraft, traffic signal controls, power line carrier, lighting controls, and LonWorks thermostats) for Honeywell, but have yet to homebrew my own radio. After 39 years I retired and have more time for HF contesting, building antennas, and building auxiliary radio gear.

K0MPH    KP2/K0MPH    K0MPH/NR8 
 KT0R/m  Feb 2012         K0MPH/m
K0H on Feb 3, 2018 for MNQP

  • LOTW preferred  –   LOTW  periodically uploaded (except for some operations away from Hennepin County Minnesota. If you need a LOTW for another QTH please e-mail me.  See contacts for my e-mail address).
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  • BURO QSLs –  answered once a year (in cold January or February) –  I will not return cards already confirmed via LOTW.
  • NO eQSL                                                                                        2018-1-3
Roger Roth
FAMILY: Married to Dianne, a Minnesota girl.  I have grown married twins (Robin and Randy) and two grandchildren (James and Adria).  Thankfully the kids and their spouses (Mark and Tara) are gainfully employed or homemaking and doing wonderful things. 
VOLUNTEER IN MISSIONS:  For 13 Februarys I went to various Caribbean islands with a group of about 20 people as a volunteer.   We did light construction work on Methodist churches or schools under the direction of local contractors. Hopefully we encouraged the churches in the Caribbean and helped the local people.   Countries / Islands I have visited:  Dominica, St Vincent, St Martin, St Thomas, Nevis, St Kitts, Grenada, Jamaica, St Croix, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica.  I enjoy getting to know the people and the history of the Caribbean. 
OTHER INTERESTS:  Singing in the church choir. Sound board operator for the church band. Photography and video editing. Aerobic exercise classes.  Bicycling: mostly within 10 miles from my house, but in 2009 I did RAGBRAI (Des Moines Register Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa – 450 miles in 7 days with 10,000 other riders – a carnival on bicycle wheels). 
K0MPH - Roger Roth